Monday, July 24, 2006

Seven Steps To Unlearn Difficult Past

Unlearning and Making Sense of Difficult Past

A Great Lesson from Indian History – We must behave like a developed nation.

Unlearning hard earned own past

Is it easy unlearning difficult past? I do not think so. But do we have any option? Again, I do not think so. We have to unlearn our past to make sense of our future otherwise future occurrences will look like past history, which I do not think any body from 21st century will like that or even, deserve that. The complexity of situation is a challenge as well as an opportunity. I have narrowed down to seven steps to unlearn difficult past. The steps are simple to understand but very difficult to follow. Very few people get courage to follow and achieve excellence in this life. But before, I discuss about those seven steps, it is important for us to make sense of our past history.

Unlearning difficult past is one of the most painful and cumbersome process. The individual, society and even nations are confused. There is no simple way. There are no easy steps. There is no mathematical solution. There is no scientific method to resolve. There is no straightforward solution. The problems are complex. The problems are complicated. The problems are invisible. The problems are intellectually fabricated. The problems are intellectually subsidized. The problems are not even acknowledged as problems. The real problems have been replaced with mediocre one. The real problems have been kept in the dust bin and secondary or tertiary problems are being flashed and discussed extensively.

Is there any escape?

The energy and efforts and money are spent on solving trivial problems rather talking real issues. The solutions are equally complex. The solutions are not simply workable. The solutions are tough. The solutions need high level sacrifices. The solution needs significant understanding. The solution needs very deep knowledge. The solution does not appear visible. The solution has to be found from the complex atmosphere. The solution demands dedication and patience. Are we ready to accept? Are we ready to devote time? Are we ready to understand? It is a challenge to the people of developing world. It is a challenge for developed world to get reality. It is challenge to developed world to find solution of complexity of poverty. Unless, we understand this, we will never be able to enjoy the fruit of our own wisdom, effort and sacrifices.

Is it so difficult to behave like developed people? I have a very different experiences and conclusions. Indians are not behaving like developed. Even the people with plenty of money and resources are behaving like poor. The rich are behaving meager. The well to do families is behaving like conservative source. The country as a result is suffering badly. The country is unable to get correct direction. Most of the part of the country is behaving deprived. Most of the developing world is confused to understand reality. The people of developing world are unable to get the correct picture to move in right direction. Even today, we are unable to move in positive direction.

Uselessness of History

In earlier times, history used to provide some guidance for future direction. More than 2000 years of human history has compelled human beings to read, write, think and work differently. The picture shown and its writings give a very confusing impression. The moral values of 1835 have no meaning and substance to face the reality of 21st century. The country or rather world is moving in a progressive direction. The sacrifices and efforts of few of the individuals of this country have provided impetus for growth in recent past. Since last few decades, there are plenty of individuals who have excelled in their own way.

The successful people have created their own values. These values have nothing to do with our age old values. Today, when Amitabh Bachaan talk about the family values and force his son to follow his footsteps to give continuous box office failures of 17 films, totaling 170 crores loss (approximately) to the film industry, does not appear convincing. It is ridiculous. Even the person of his caliber is busy in projecting his son as the inheritor on Indian films, what others must be doing? Where is the caliber suffering in the dark tunnel of Indian values? The similar situation prevails in other fields too. What is this moral value? Can this value ever take us to success and confidence?

When we talk about spiritual and cultural heritage, the action of our educated intelligentsia has made us ashamed. Starting from Vivekananda to Gandhi, everyone propagated caste system to prevail. Even today, leadership is confused when they go for strike against SEZ (special economic zone). They are able to mobilize illiterate Indian farmers against today’s development.

VP Singh, Raj Babbar, Lalu Yadav or even Medha Patekar, all join in this mediocrity of wisdom. How do they look their and followers future? Do they think, poor should remain poor for life long? Backward should remain backward for few more generations even in the age of call centers? Scheduled castes and tribes should remain deprived of their basic amenities? Muslims should remain hardcore religious person without even having a glimpse of modernity? Farmer should remain farmer for next few more generation? Time has arrived. Time has come when people can change their status in less than one generation time. This miraculous change can be achieved by any conscious person irrespective of their religion, region or background. The individuals need to understand this. The leadership and policy makers need to understand this. The leadership should make their plan and movement for the development to be achieved in one generation time. Are we able to understand our spiritual and cultural heritage?

Creating Growing Future

We must cherish our culture which takes us ahead. But we need to be cautious with our wisdom. We are not able to understand the ground reality. We are keeping our eyes shut towards global changes. We give a duff ear towards story of growth. We are fearful in taking hard decisions fro our development. On the name of spiritual and culture, leadership is making the masses fearful.

Indian intelligentsia is suffering from historical phobia. They do something else. They talk different ideas. They propagate different values. They project something vague. All these come from complicated past. It is not the fault of individuals. It is the complication of knowledge. It is complication of understanding. It is the complication of trivializm. We must generate wisdom for our future by isolating ourselves from our golden past to reach a conclusive and fruitful result. We should not mix our present with our past. We should never plan our future ideas based on our difficult past.

Golden Era has arrived

If we are able to decline our past from our present wisdom making system, we will be able to make our glorious future. In this complex past and delicate future, understanding the path for success is difficult proposal. In my research for last twenty five years, I have come out with very specific path to be followed to enjoy the development of human civilization. These steps are able to make a platform for successful future.

1. Don’t slog, use thrust—Slog will never change your level in life. One needs to keep looking and searching for the required thrust in life. Without proper thrust you will not be able to change level with the comfort and health you need to achieve your goal. On the other hand, slog almost kills the instinct of enjoyment. It is essential to clearly distinguish between slog and thrust of human life. We must exploit slog and thrust accordingly.
2. Avoid Reservations - Reservations creates discriminations which are the biggest curse of a civilized human being. Reservations kill competitions. This almost ensures mediocrity in every aspect of human endeavour. What have we got even after reservation of last sixty years? Backward remains backward. Schedule caste remains Schedule caste. Have they become forward? This needs to be understood by our savior like Mayavati, Meera Kumar or Lalu Yadav. In the real sense people from an underdeveloped society will become forward by creating casteless and reservation less society only.
3. Accept Conversions - More than 400 years of slavery have polluted the mind of normal Indians to think of conversion as a tool for their religious fight. Conversions have been looked upon as invasion. The missionaries are accused of manipulation and coercion while converts are accused of betrayal of his culture, tradition and nation. But if we give a little thought in this direction we realize the severity of problem somewhere else. We are being made a fool of nothing. The United States of America has opened their door for any religious faith people on the basis of objectivity; they have achieved better aim for their country. They have attracted the entire brilliant mind for the betterment of their society. If some society or religion are not in a position to look after their followers there is no reason depending upon choice, people should not get converted. Long back people got converted to other religion just to eat meat and avoid castiest discrimination. Castiest discrimination must be eradicated from Hindu society. This could be achieved by accepting conversions.
4. Cut unwanted roots - Roots give strength, they also give pain. It all depends upon the health of the root. Today when developing countries are moving fast towards developed countries, the people of this generation would not take another 100 years to prosper and grow. If the roots are not growing with individual, the level of roots changes in life. The unwanted roots must be chopped off. Only healthy roots should be preserved so that they give sufficient nutrition to a developing individual and society.
5. Change Places - You go to prosperity, do not wait prosperity to come to you. When we talk about global village, how many dare to take harsh decisions to change the place of settlement from the place of origination. Why do not we take lesson from Gladwell family? The famous American author Malcom Gladwell who gave two mind boggling researched books, The Tipping Points and Blink was born in England, raised in Canada and now lives in New York City. At a later part of life he may be planning to settle in Mumbai. Why should not others also do it?
6. Think Like Develop - The development thrust on the people of this century is hardly giving time to think. They are not able to perceive the changes. They are unable to appreciate the changes. They are not in a position to comprehend the development. They still feel very insecure to feel developed. Time has come and time is ripe for the people of Asian countries especially Indian continent including China to expect unbelievable opportunities in life.
7. Enjoy life - The people from the developing world get embarrassed if they are treated well. There are lots of people in the society to keep feeling moderate, that too generally sad. They feel that fun and enjoyment are egoism. They are the indication of pride and that is bad. Such thoughts are wrong. Such thoughts are self-defeating. They must be avoided at any cost. Life is precious and should be enjoyed. In a develop society, the human being has a privilege to feel happy. Enjoy life to the fullest and have fun.

We are poor, not because we are poor but we are thinking like poor, doing like poor, talking like poor, dreaming like poor, aspiring like poor and so on. Stop doing these. Finance Minister of India Mr Chidambaram in Aug 2005 said, ‘India is not poor’. He is correct. We are rich. We had been poor, not anymore, so think accordingly. Gone are the days, now we must think like rich. When USA has done this around 200 years before, can India do it in this century? Today, India has more than 83 thousand millionaires (In American Dollars) and counting; they must enhance their standard of life. Every other guy should learn to live like more develop. This will provide space for more poor to grab the vacant place of rich as rich become richer. The seven steps will help us to achieve unlearn comfortably. Unlearn past and set course for future!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Defining Democracy for Human Growth

Human beings have come a long way. Today when we are celebrating Independence Day for the biggest democratic and free country, more than half of the countries in the world are still struggling to define democracy. Two thousand years of human civilisation have made all educated individuals to understand that freedom is the basic need of human beings. Freedom is the desire. It is the pleasure. It forces humanity towards excellence. It allows humanity to bloom. On the other hand, slavery is a punishment. It deteriorates human values. It cripples mental thinking. It distorts judgments. It forces the people to grab suicide bombs. It teaches people to kill themselves. It does not allow prospering life. It compels the people to lose identity. Dictatorship is worse that slavery because it ensures intellectual degradation. The normal slave has physical compulsions but individual in a dictatorship of any form irrespective of the name, ensure mental compulsions. Physical compulsions are less painful than mental one. Mental compulsions does not allow individual to grow. It does not allow individual to excel. It restricts human growth. There is no doubt that democracy is the basic need of human to ensure freedom. On this auspicious night of Independence day 4th July 06, I felt to explain few basic intricacies of freedom which I felt civilization have been kept deprived off. It is important for the conscious people on Internet to be aware about these anomalies in society. These provide better appreciation for the future of individual and nations.

As a conscious person of a democratic country, I found that achieving freedom for individual and democracies for the nations have been the basic necessity since evolution of human history. Human have fought innumerable number of wars. Human have fought many battle to conquer freedom. Today at the onset of 21st century, humans are still struggling to define democracy and freedom. In the information age, when more than one third of the human beings are networked together irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and region, leadership at various levels are still trying to define freedom and up to some extent I feel even human growth. Is it so difficult to define freedom for human beings? Is it so difficult and contradictory to explain freedom? Does meaning of freedom vary based on sex, caste, religion or region? Does level and desire of freedom varies based on education or literacy level of human? Does scope of freedom varies based on economics or financial status of the individual? Why can not human being define freedom for all humanity? Freedom is freedom and it needs to be free from any clutches of definitions. Irrespective of sex, religion, financial status and any other criteria, freedom should be available to all human beings. Every human being should be free. They should have freedom to get education, to chose language, religion, caste, profession, and even nation, to live a free life, to enjoy privileges, to roam around the world, to do things of choice, to get connected on internet, surf any site, chat to any one or anywhere in the world, explore and excel in any endeavour. Is it a big demand? Can human have the privilege to have this much freedom? I do not see much of difficulties for this much freedom to human beings in 21st century.

Is it surprising when Imran Khan, a Cricketer turned Politician of Pakistan, a Muslim dominated country, says, ‘Having a dictator spells disaster for any country. Mankind needs pure democracy.’ Imran is living in Pakistan run by Army General Musharaff. It amounts to some value when Imran demands for democracy and certainly asks for freedom. He is correct to point out that dictator spells disaster for the nation. Dictatorship is a disaster for individual human being. Can the Muslim world and especially all intelligentsia of this world listen? Few intelligent people always try to convince some of the people at some of the places against democracy and freedom. Even in India, we have large number of intellectuals who are sympathetic towards Muslims, are ready to profess the human needs or even national needs otherwise. Is it in interest of Muslims? Can all theses intellectuals get their orientation clear to believe that democracy and that too pure democracy is the basic need of human beings. No body can convince at least educated humans otherwise. Any intellectual can make few of the people fool for few of the time for few of the reason. Freedom is required by every individual. It is just a matter of time. Difference of opinion has to vanish. People anywhere at this age will try to achieve freedom. The availability of free media are going to ensure freedom.

Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Shariff are joining hands not only to bring democracy in Pakistan but now they are joining hands along with other supporting political parties to ensure continuation of democracy. Every few years, Pakistan feels pray to Military ruler and land up having Military dictatorship. Today, majority of Pakistanis are convinced of the need of democracy and continuation of democracy. And for the peace of entire world, there is an urgent need that Muslims have democracy and freedom in their countries. The important point is that Muslims not only need democracy but they need pure democracy. That is what Imran has said and it is correct. There is no reason why Muslim male or female should not have freedom to live a free life, to choose a government, to decide about their future, to get better educated, to have the privileges of 21st century, to enjoy life without veil, to enjoy freedom, and so on. The human desires are unlimited and there is no reason that why part of these desires are not achieved by them. Most of the people from Muslim world see these human privileges on their television, come to know through their news papers, read on Internet and so on. They can not be left ignorant. They are going to conquer them.

The form of democracy has always been a matter of concern for intellectuals. It has always been a choice for humanity. Even Musharraf organized a referendum to justify his ruling when he clinched power. He did it nicely. He is still going strong. But the questions comes, are people satisfied with such democratic illusion? The similar thing could be observed in other parts of the world. In the name of democracy, what happened in Iran or even in Palestine, give poor taste to freedom. In general people have restrictions. We are compelled to think otherwise. Election takes place in some form or other but they are restricted to justify the rule of few individual only. Very few Islamic nations give freedom to female to vote. Very few Islamic nations give freedom to female to get elected. Civilization is still struggling to define freedom in a right way. Even Indian democracy appears illusions.

The United States of America has come a long way in the history of mankind. They have analyzed, rejoiced and enjoyed various forms of freedom. They have solved its intricacies for more than two hundred years. They are celebrating their independence as the form of freedom for humanity. They still argue and discuss the depth of freedom so freely. Even after massive devastation of 9/11, Americans are going strong to pursue their freedom. They are struggling to bring and sustain democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are moving ahead with all its might to spread the democratic form of Governance.

The people of United States have enjoyed the best of everything in this world since more than two hundred years of various revolutionary phases. They have provided to humanity all the technological inventions which took place in the last century. Every human on this earth have enjoyed those privileges for betterment of their life. In spite of caste, creed, religion or region, people of this world have enjoyed invention like airplanes, televisions, mobiles, computers, medicines, vaccines, robots and so on. The people of this world expect something more from all developing world. The people of developing countries need to work for humanity in constructive way rather than destructive missions. They need not to spread poverty, terrorism, war and illiteracy. Can we imagine how to achieve these for prosperity of humanity? Freedom and democracy may be the means.

Today, when USA moves with the concept of spreading democracy and open economy, there is no reason to believe with suspicion. There is no reason to have center page of daily news appear from intelligentsias of developing world with negative analysis Developing world is continue developing not because of developed world but because of developing nature and ideas of leadership of developing world. The message should be very clear and precise. Till the time, any individual is deprived of basic human needs; they are equivalent to a BOMB. The deprivation and frustration may be the reasons of massive violence and demonstration all across the world against Danish cartoons. Why do not we have such massive demonstration for poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, clean water and basic amenities? Old and conservative leaderships are taking humanity for a ride. It is not going to go too far. Human are becoming better informed and better conscious. Leaderships of the world need to take the note of these changes.

Time has come when we involve every human being in the process of governance and avoid the frustration and sense of deprivation among individuals. Democracy may ensure the vital ingredients to provide respect, opportunities and status. Democracy will ensure the involvement of every individual in governance. For the sake of humanity at large, we have to unlearn old and traditional way of Governance and embrace the democratic form of governance.