Monday, August 23, 2004

Who thought of the term HC? When?

Somebody asked me who actually thought of HCM and when. What I do know is that in 1979, Theodore Schultz and Sir Arthur Lewis received the Nobel Price in Economics for their pioneering work in human capital.
At I read that the term "HC" was coined in 1961 by economist Theodore Schultz. Typically, the term is used to describe the value of the investment in training, education, health care and the like that organizations (or countries/regions) are making.
Was Schultz actually the first who used the term? Or does HCM have even older roots?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

6 key HCM capabilities

How do leading companies become masters of managing and developing their HC? According to an Accenture ($&*@#, where's the > above the t on your keyboard) Research Note, they target and exploit critical human performance capabilities such as organizational adaptiveness and stakeholder engagement. In fact, there are six key human performance capabilities which have the greatest bearing on an organization's ability to achieve and sustain a high-performance culture:
• Leadership Depth
• Stakeholder engagement
• Adaptive Organization
• Ability to Change
• HC Return on Investment (ROI)
• Workforce Performance
However, developing leadership depth — and that's just one of these six key capabilities —continues to perplex many organizations that are looking for approaches that are both practical and innovative.